How APF Services Works


APF maintains relationships with a variety of lenders. Working with multiple lenders provides an opportunity for APF to find you the best financing option available to fit your specific situation. Whether you have great credit or poor credit, APF’s family of lenders can help.

If you have above average credit, our Advance Care Card provides the most affordable financing in the market today. There is no cost to you or your provider and every approved applicant receives 6 months interest free! Simply go to to apply and you will get an answer immediately. When you are approved, you will also receive your available credit line as well as the interest rate you will be charged beginning on the seventh billing cycle. The Advance Care Card may be utilized at any provider. There is simply no less expensive way to finance your procedure.

The Advance Care Card provides a great option for people with above average credit, but if you credit is bruised, we can still help. If you do not feel you qualify for the Advance Care Card, simply complete the APF Services application and we will work with our other lenders to review your options. Once we have an approval from one of our lenders, we will notify you by email or phone and forward you the terms of the proposed loan. If you would like to proceed, you simply sign the term sheet and return to us for processing. If you choose not to proceed, just notify us and we will close your file. Terms of all loans are fully disclosed to insure you make a good decision and the loan terms fit your budget.

We do our best to make the entire process as simple as possible. Installment loans secured thru APF Services are paid directly to the provider prior to your procedure, so you have nothing to worry about except your procedure. Please contact us if you have questions about any of our products or services.