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APF Services is a seamless financing solution which services a wide range of credit with a single application. 

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APF Services

Advance Patient Financing

The number of elective medical procedures performed each year has grown steadily over the past five years and most experts expect this trend to continue. In addition, the insurance climate has changed dramatically making it even more important for practices to partner with lenders who understand the need for reliable financing partners.

APF Services is a creative solution to this problem. We leverage the strengths of many lenders into a single platform creating a seamless financing solution which services a wide range of credit with a single application. Whether your patient has great credit, or has suffered through some credit challenges, APF Services has a solution.

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Why APF Services?

Why choose APF Services as a partner? Our platform allows for a short application process, almost instant credit decisions and funding direct to the provider within 48 hours. This simple, easy to use process simplifies the administration of your financing programs by servicing a wide range of credit. There is no need to move from one lender sight to another because your patient was declined. Those same options are available with one application utilizing APF Services.

Grow Your Business
with Advance Patient Financing

Offering an affordable financing option for your patients is almost a necessity in today’s world. Did you know there will be over 20,000,000 elective procedures performed this year alone? Many consumers are hesitant to pay for large purchases with cash or with an existing credit card while others simply can not afford to pay for the care they need out of pocket.

APF Services offers an affordable option for each patient and the provider. Our program is designed to be a win / win for all parties. Providers grow their business by servicing more patients and maximizing their return on their marketing or advertising budgets while patients enjoy an affordable payment option.

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